The 5 Best Ultrabook Laptops: Choosing The Best!


Recently I went on a mission to find the best Ultrabook laptop on the market. I documented my search in the video below and I think you’ll find it incredibly helpful if you’re in the market for a new Ultrabook. Why? Well, I’ve basically done 95% of the research for you already!

When looking for the best Ultrabook my criteria included: a Windows machine that cost in the neighborhood of $1,000 (maybe a bit more or less), something that was light and compact (ultraportable), something that had great battery life (at least 6 hours but hopefully a lot more) and something with a full keyboard and trackpad. In terms of specs I wanted to find something with at least a 7th generation Intel processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of solid state storage and a screen that hovered around 13″ (that had at least HD resolution).

There are so many Ultrabooks on the market now I had to come up with a plan of attack… so I decided to start by making a list of my top 5 ultraportable laptops. This led me to select the following machines (in no particular order at this point):

Next, as you can see in the video, I narrow this list down to my two favorites (which was very hard to do because these are all such excellent options) and from that list I decided upon the best Ultrabook for me. You’ll have to watch to video in order to find out which one took the crown!

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