Strapple: STUNNING Leather Apple Watch Bands


For a few weeks now I’ve been testing a couple of new Apple Watch straps from a company called Strapple (a company that all Apple Watch enthusiasts need to know about). Strapple makes premium Apple Watch straps and, to be honest, before I got my hands on one of their products I thought all leather Watch straps were created equal. But that’s not true.

Everything about these Watch straps has raised the bar for me in terms of expectations. In fact, I expected to like these bands but when they actually came I ended up loving them. They came in this really sleek, classy case and as soon as I opened it this incredible leather smell hypnotized my nose (kinda like walking into a shoe store, but better).

The two bands I ended up with two straps: the Confidens Tan and the Crocodilus. I’ve been wearing the Confidens for a few weeks now and it’s really developed a character of it’s own; it keeps getting better as you go. And the Crocodilus is just… it’s stunning. They both look so good (as you can see in the video).

I’ve found that attention to detail and quality really matter when it comes to leather Apple Watch straps; I’ve worn cheaper straps and similar products from other companies and I’ve definitely had issues with things falling apart or not fitting properly or just not looking as good as you’d expect. But there are no issues like that with these straps; none. The stitching is just perfect, for instance, and the installation is flawless (you can often tell the quality of an Apple Watch strap by how easily is installs).

I also love how you can go in and change the hardware color or the buckle finish for that extra dose of personalization and to make sure it matches your Apple Watch perfectly.

Strapple bands come with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, which is cool and they’re compatible with every generation of Apple Watch. They also have several other band designs to choose from; it’s hard to pick a favorite.

I’m so glad I got to experience these – a big thank you to Strapple for supporting DailyTekk by sponsoring this article and video!

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