Secret WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks, You Should Try


WhatsApp is simple, reliable messaging app to message
your friends and family for free. But there are some secret
WhatsApp tricks, you should try and become an advanced user. I
hope you already know, by creating groups in WhatsApp, you can
share messages, photos, and videos with upto 256 people at
once. If text message isn’t enough, you can talk to your family
and friends for free by video or voice calls.

You can send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows
upto the 100MB size. WhatsApp is build with end-to-end
encryption, means your message and calls are secured so only
you and the person you’re communicating with can read or listen
to them. To try WhatsApp for PC, download and install the
desktop app
Let’s talk about some
secret tricks and hacks for WhatsApp.

Hide the Blue Double Tick

Your friends and family get angry, when you don’t reply
instantly and someone sees you’ve read their messages. There
are checks on WhatsApp messages tell you when your message has
been delivered, received, and when it has been read. One grey
mark for sent, two grey mark for delivered, and two blue mark
for read.

Turn off the “Read Receipts” in WhatsApp settings to hide
the blue tick.

Android: Settings > Account > Privacy > Untick
Read Receipts.

iOS: Settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle off
Read Receipts.

The blue tick won’t appear, if you’re using Siri to read
the message in iOS.

hide two blue ticks whatsapp

You can also use flight mode to hide blue tick in

1. Turn on the flight mode on your phone.

2. Read the WhatsApp message.

3. Now, turn on the flight mode again.

Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Font Change :

To make words beautiful to appears in the receiver chat
box, change the font style and turn words bold, italic or

Add an asterisk either side of the word or phrase for

bold words whatsapp

Add an underscore either side of the word or phrase for

italic words whatsapp

Add a tildes to either side of the word or phase for

strikethrough words whatsapp

Use Mic to Type Message :

Open message box by click on “Type a message”, the mic
icon appears on the keyboard.

Click on that mic icon and talk your message, it will be
automatically get typed as you speak.

use mic to type message whatsapp

Find Out Most Popular Contacts :

You can find the total number of messages sent and
receive from a person or group. Do you know the person, you
send the most messages to and how much storage the person takes

This works on the iOS devices, head to Settings > Data
and Storage Usage > Storage Usage > Select

Muting Group Chats :

If there are group chats or person constantly send tons
of messages, just mute it. Head to group, click the three dots
in the right hand corner and click “Mute notifications”. Here
are three option, mute notification for 8 Hours, 1 Week, and
even 1 Year, choose and click OK.

mute notification whatsapp chats

Making Personal Information Private :

Tick the option, if you don’t want to show your personal
information such as last seen, hide your profile photo, about,
and status to strangers. Head to Settings > Account
> Privacy and here you can select who can see my personal
info, select “My contacts” for last seen, profile photo, about,
and status. You also have an option to choose status for one or
more contacts see the below pic.

last seen, profile photo, about, status whatsapp

Stop Auto-Saving :

As you already know, WhatsApp automatically saves the
images, videos, documents such as PDF, spreadsheet sent to you.
If you’re tired of deleting the images and videos that are sent
to you, turn off the auto saving in WhatsApp.

Android : Settings > Data Usage and select “No Media”
for option, when using mobile data, when connected on Wi-Fi,
and when roaming.

stop auto-downloading media whatsapp

iOS : Settings > Chats and turn off “Save to Camera

Adding Dates To The Calendar :

If you type a certain date in your message, it will
appear as hyperlink. By using this feature, it’s possible to
automatically create an event directly from WhatsApp on

iOS : Press and hold date within chat > create

create event ios whatsapp

Add A Chat Shortcut To Home Screen :

You can create a home screen shortcut for specific
conversations on Android. It make easier to access those
contacts you chat with all the time.

Click the chat of specific person, tap on three vertical
dots on the right hand side > More > Add Shortcut.

Use Siri As WhatsApp Assistant :

You can read any unread WhatsApp messages and reply to
the message with your voice or start a new message to a contact
using Siri.

Hey Siri, send a WhatsApp message to “Contact

Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message

Pin Popular Group Chats :

There are many groups in your WhatsApp and you always
scroll down to find the groups or contact. If there’s any group
chat you use frequently, you want it to appear at the top of
the list by pinning it.

iOS : Find the group you want to pin and swipe to the
right and click the pin icon.

Android : Long press the group and click the pin

Save Particular Chat :

WhatsApp automatically backs up all your chats and media
in the cloud but there is a way to save a particular contact
chat and media.

iOS : Pick the contact name, hit export chat and you’ll
be given the option to save it as a Zip file.

Android : Go to chat, click the three vertical dots on
the right hand side > More > and select Email

Mark Chats As Unread :

Do you ever read a chat and then completely forgot to
reply? There is a tweak to mark as unread the message you
already read.

iOS : Chats > Swipe left to right > Mark as

Android : Long press chat > Click three vertical
dots  > Mark as Unread

Bookmark Important Messages :

There are ton of messages sent and received in the
groups, but some are very important to read later. In this
scenario, you need to bookmark these messages and find them all
easily in the Starred Messages section.

iOS : Chats > Specific Chat > Specific message >
Hold down or double tap and press the star.

Android : Chats > Specific chat > Specific message
> Hold down and press the star.

Quote Any Message :

In group chat, how to reply a particular message because
it’s difficult to manage the conversation. You’ve an option to
quote any message by long press the selected message, press the
reply icon at the top left of the screen. Now type your comment
and click the send button.

Recover Your Deleted Messages On WhatsApp :

Connect your mobile with your PC using USB cable and go
to folder WhatsApp > Databases.

Select the file “msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file contain
all the message sent and received in last 7 days.

Open the file with Notepad or Wordpad to view and read

Use Multiple WhatsApp Account On Same Phone :

You can run multiple WhatsApp account on the same phone
with the help of third party application. Download and install
Parallel Spaces
app from google play store. Now
clone and run multiple accounts of the WhatsApp

If you know some cool WhatsApp tricks and hacks,
share it with other readers using comment section.

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