How To Fix No Internet Secured Error Windows 10


Sometime when you try to connect to WiFi on Windows
laptop, the network seems to be connected but it shows “no
Internet, secured” error. The error “No Internet Secured”
generally occurs, when the new updates apply to the Windows
operating system. There might be some changes in
Internet and wireless settings or invalid IP configuration
due to which Internet connection to your device may have
failed. In this article, i will show you the tweak and
settings to fix no Internet, secured error on Windows

You should update Network adapter driver software to
the latest version for proper working of Internet on Windows

Run Network Troubleshooter :

Type troubleshoot in search box at Start menu and click

troubleshoot network adaptor

Click on Network Adapter, and tap on “Run the

adaptor network troubleshoot

Now follow the on-screen instructions to fix your
Internet connection problem. 

IP and DNS server :

Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet >
Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings and
right click on Wi-Fi to open its properties.

Wi-Fi properties

Scroll down and head to Internet Protocol version 4
(TCP/IPv4), select it and click on its properties.

Note : You should uncheck the box
Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6).

IPV4 settings

Now select obtain an IP address automatically and also
Obtain DNS server address automatically. Click OK

IP address


Check Windows services :

To properly connect the WiFi Internet connection with
your PC or Laptop, make sure the following Windows services
are enabled.

TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service
Wireless lan
DNS Client
Function Discovery Resource Publication
SSDP Discovery
UPnP Device Host

To check the Windows services, press Windows key + R
simultaneously, then type services.msc in the box and press

windows services

Now Services window is open, scroll down to find the
DNS client. In the below image the DNS client services is
running, if not right click on the services to

services windows 10

Note : You should check all the services one by one and
make sure the services are running.

Security tools :

Sometime antivirus setting causes no Internet secured
problem in your machine, uninstall the antivirus and check
your Internet status. If this solve your problem, you should
reinstall the antivirus. By uninstalling the VPN service and
turn off Firewall for sometime fixes the Internet connection

Uninstall Network Adapter :

Press the Windows key + R, type devmgmt.msc into the
run dialog and hit enter to launch the Device manager. Click
on Network adapter and uninstall the network adapter that
your computer is currently using by right click on it. In my
case, the Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter
is used by Windows 10. Restart your PC or laptop, it will
automatically install the network adapter next

uninstall network adapter

Which method works for you, let us know in the
comment section. If you know any other method to solve the
“No Internet Secured” problem, share with the

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