How To Backup Contacts On iPhone


You should know how to backup contacts on iPhone
because contacts are of great significance in our iPhone.
It’s a good habit to maintain backup of contacts and you’ll
have a copy of your contacts to use in case your device is
ever replaced, lost or damaged. Many of the users don’t know
how to backup contacts on iPhone, this article will solve
your problem.

This guide will show you how to back up your iPhone
contacts so that you have them ready for a new iPhone or to
keep them safe in case you break or lose your current

How to backup iPhone contacts with iTunes

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to Mac or

Launch iTunes, if your phone is not automatically
detected by iTunes.

Click on the “Device” tab > locate “Summary” and
click on “Backup now”.

It backup the entire content of the phone and not only
your contact.


Here’s the iPhone iTunes backup location

Mac OS : ~/Library/Application

Windows Vista/7/8 : Users/AppData/Roaming/Apple

Windows 10 : C:UsersUSERAppDataRoamingApple

How to backup iPhone contacts with iCloud

Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and tap on

Turn on your WiFi and enter your iCloud account

A popup will appear, click contacts and then

Now click on “Storage & Backup” > select “iCloud
Backup” and then click on “Backup now”.

The backup begins, but the process may take some time
to complete.

How to back up iPhone contacts with iCloud

Here’s the iCloud backup location

iPhone : Settings > iCloud, then tap “Storage &

Mac OS : Menu > System Preferences, click iCloud,
then tap Manage.

Windows 7/8/10 : Start Menu > iCloud app and then
click Manage.

How to backup and export contacts from iPhone
to Email :

Head to “Settings” and select “Mail, Contact,
Calender”, a popup will appear, select “Add Account” on the
next screen.
From the list select the option
“Exchange”, on the next screen select “Save and

How to export your contacts to a vCard file on
Mac OS :

vCard file is a quick and easy way to create a backup
that can be saved on your Mac OS, PC, external Hard Disk, or
Pen Drive.

Open Contacts on your Mac and select the contacts you
would like to save or export.

Tap File > Export > Export vCard, enter the vCard
file name and click “Save”.

How to backup contacts with free third party
apps :

My Contacts Backup
is a free app and you don’t have to
create an account, no activation with any service. The app
creates a vCard formatted backup file of your contacts and
allows you to email it to yourself or someone else.

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