Gmail Offline Mode : How To Use Gmail Without Internet


Do you know how to use Gmail without an Internet
connection ? Previously for this purpose, Google allow the
users work offline using Google Chrome browser extension such
as Gmail offline. Google rolled out the new feature, Gmail
offline mode that works only in the Google Chrome browser
version 61 and higher.

new gmail offline

You can search, read, delete, label and respond to
email without an active Internet connection. Once your device
connects to a Internet connection, all the emails will be
downloaded and queued up email will be sent.

You have to make sure that the new version of Gmail
activated on your browser. If still you’re using classic
version of Gmail, head to Gmail settings menu and click “Try
the new Gmail”. You can also try Gmail
offline feature in classic version of

try new gmail

Now head to Gmail
and tick the checkbox says
Enable offline mail“. You’ve to choose
other settings such as storage, sync settings and security.
The sync settings section allows you to decide whether to
store emails from the last 7, 30, or 90 days along with
attachments. In security section, you’ve to choose whether
“keep offline data on my computer” or “remove offline data
from my computer”.

gmail offline mode new

Once Gmail offline mode is enabled, try to send emails
offline. The sent email will be placed in an “Outbox” folder,
once you connected to Internet, pending email will be sent



Gmail offline feature is using your computer hard disk
for storage purpose. The data stored on your computer will
not be deleted when you sign out of your Gmail account. To
delete the account data from your device, you’ve to disable
offline mail.

To uninstall Gmail
, Go to Google Chrome settings >
advanced > privacy and security, and click content
settings. Now click “cookies” and choose “all cookies and
site data”, click clear all. To turn off Gmail offline, head
to Gmail offline
and uncheck “Enable offline mail”.

If you’ve multiple Gmail account, you’ll need to sign
into your all Gmail account and turn on “Gmail offline”. If
you like the article “how to use Gmail without
Internet”,  share it with friends.

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