Fixed : Unfortunately the Process Com.Android.Phone has Stopped


In Android phone, the error “Unfortunately, the
process has stopped
” occurs due to
SIM toolkit application. The error occur, if you have
recently modify the data, installed new ROM, restored data or
firmware update failed upgraded to the latest version of
Android OS. So, if you’re constantly getting the
“Unfortunately the process has stopped”
error, here are couple of ways to fix your Android

Fixed : Unfortunately, the process has stopped

In order to keep your phone data safe, make sure to
back up your phone data. In this article, I’ll show you the
working methods to fix “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error in Android

Solution 1 : Automatic Time

Go to Settings > Date & Time and disable
automatic time zone.

Now tap on “select time zone” and choose your time
zone. Restart your phone.

Solution 2 : Clear Data and Cache of Phone,
SIM Toolkit, Contacts, Contact Storage

Go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager >
All tabs > Phone.

Now clear data and cache of phone. Restart your

By the same path, you must clear data and cache of SIM
toolkit, contact and contact storage.

Solution 3 : Clear Cached

Go to Settings > Storage and tap on “Cached Data”. A
pop up will appear, confirming that you want to clear the
cache. Select “OK”.

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Solution 4 : Other

->>Turn off your Android phone and take out the
SIM cards. Turn on the phone without SIM card and insert the
SIM card again.

->>To fix “Unfortunately the Process has Stopped” error, you should stop
automatic updates in both phone settings and Google Play

->>Force close the apps like Google Service
Framework, Contacts, Gmail, Calendar and other social media

->>Turn off your Android smartphone by long
pressing the Power On/Off button. Now press and hold the
given key combination: Power On/Off, Volume + and Home
button. Now, be careful when you follow the subsequent steps.
Release Power On/Off button if your Android smartphone
vibrates only once.
Now, when you keep pressing
the other key combination, a menu will appear in the display
screen of your smartphone. Now use the Volume button to
select the ‘Wipe Cache Partition’. You can confirm your
selection with the help of Power On/Off button. Once you
select that, the cache will be deleted. Now, mark ‘Reboot
Phone’ to reboot your phone without losing data.

Final Solution  : Factory

Factory reset will wipe your all data and reboots as
completely new phone with default settings and options. Head
to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset
and tap on “Reset Phone”.

For performing the factory reset, shut down your
Android phone. Now hold down the Volume Up button, Home key
and Power button together. Once the Android smartphone
vibrates, release the Power button, while pressing the other
key combination. Now, the Android logo will appear on the
screen, once you see that release all the keys. From there,
you can do the backup and Factory Reset.

Feel free to tell us, which of the above mentioned
solution worked to fix “Unfortunately the Process has Stopped” error in your Android phone.
If you know any other solution, please share it via comment

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