Business Not Using A Secure Printer? The Wolf Might Change Your Mind

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP MPS for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve written before about the dangers businesses face if they don’t have secure networks. And having a secure network means securing all peripherals associated with your network: including (and even especially) printers.

When performing a security audit printers might not seem like a top priority in your organization. I don’t blame you. But that’s a position CTOs and IT staff should definitely rethink. It’s precisely because printers can be viewed as a digital security afterthought that they make such tempting targets for corporate hackers and data raiders. People like “The Wolf” as shown in this short film (6m) from HP Studios.

Watch The Wolf HP Video Series

What businesses need to understand is that hacking a printer is the same as hacking a business. And printers aren’t the only things thieves are targeting: there has recently been an increase of 232% in attacks focusing on notebooks and desktops.

For example, threats a business needs to guard against now include: malicious threats from outside the company, physical and digital exposure of documents at devices and sent to devices (printers), unauthorized use, exposure of device settings or ports and remote users. Additionally, it’s important to have the capability to identify the culprit of a security breach.

HP Secure Managed Print Services can help your business guard against these threats by providing data, device and document security. This matters because HP prioritized secure workflows and just because a device or system is secure doesn’t mean it shouldn’t remain highly usable. HP MPS even has specific solutions depending on the industry.

I also like that HP MPS goes beyond technical services giving business access to planning workshops, HP Imaging and Printer Security Center and hands-on Security Advisory Services.

The benefits are obvious. If you’re ready to increase user and IT productivity, cut costs and better mange your business environment while properly addressing security and workflow needs, give HP MPS a look. For more info, access the IDC Spotlight article.

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